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. this is sad. >>judge napolitano: i don't know if having seen this ahead of time anyone could conclude who is about do kill someone. these are rantings of a youth. >>judge napolitano: it is sloppy and weird but different ways to interpret it. this is a tragedy for which there can be no justice. he is dead. in question he did it. in question he was in another world. no question innocent people died. >>shepard: there is a lot of this goes on and we are not starting gun talk because that does not help but i don't know what you do. >>judge napolitano: we don't know enough about this guy or would might have been aware of his mental deficiencies. he stole the gun. the gun laws...whatever. >>shepard: not talking about that here. en knows he is crazy. >>judge napolitano: not an issue to be addressed here. is there a way that law enforcement, or even his employers, could anticipate this explosion he would have? the answer is, no. in a free society, these things happen in a free society. the government does not monitor our brains and occasionally people snap. >>shepard: why does it happen so much mo
: a pleasure, thanks very much. the judge is here. [talking over each other] judge napolitano: your patience and diligence in attempting to interrogate somebody who didn't want to answer your questions. stuart: what about this right. you heard what the mayor was saying. make your comment. judge napolitano: writes don't come from the constitution. the constitution does make congress shall grant freedom of speech but shall not interfere with freedom of speech. a right comes for marriage humanity. the constitution restrain the government from interfering with our rights. do we have a natural right to associate? we do and that right is protected in the constitution. do we have the right not to associate? we do and that right is protected in the constitution so if people want to form a labor union they are free to do so it has protected and given us aspect of our lives that we enjoy. 40 hour work week and weekends off but to require the employer to deal onll with the union and to force people who don't want to join the union to pay dues to it anyway, that is a destruction of their freedom and in
. morsi could get a dose his own medicine. judge napolitano, his chicken is coming home to roost. >>judge napolitano: this is how he took power when the mobs had enough of mubarak. how did mubarak become the president of egypt? in a military coup and he stayed there 30 years with knox unlawful elections but no one was perted to run or campaign against him. the muslim brotherhood challenged and had riots and demonstrations and the military shot the demonstrators and then backed off and president mubarak ran. sound familiar? it is close to the description jonathan gave us of what happened to president morsi in the past week. he is on very thin ice attempting to resist the very forces he unleashed which got him in power. >>shepard: we are not yet where the military is called to do anything. that is the possibility of the next step and you wonder if morsi would have something to do. many say if he brings in the opposition it could settle down. >>judge napolitano: or if he proposes a constitution that recognizes people's differences, and is lawfully written. this is unlike anything egypt has h
? our very own judge napolitano is here to give us the scoop on that. ashley: plus, say it ain't so. the bubbly is losing its physician. the champagne industry suffering from a hangover from europe's economic woes. there hasn't been a lot of celebrating across the pond lately. we'll have more. tracy: i wonder if europe is drinking wine instead? ashley: they're drinking something. they will never give that up. tracy: they do it in church, heck. all right, top of the hour, time for stocks as we do every 15 minutes. we head down to nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange. girl, we are, as ashley said, drifting and it is all because of washington, isn't it? >> there is so much going on here. when you take a look at these markett they're actually very telling. shows you investors are a little nervous, a little tepid. the vix, the fear index is to the upside. the dow jones industrials crossing the unchanged line over and over again basically saying which way will we go as they await news from washington, economic report from washington. the dow jones industrial avera
of dictatorship. and judge napolitano is here. the best way to describe what morsi did, he came in and tried to make himself a dictator. >>judge napolitano: he did. he came in, initially, as the man of the people, as the first popularly elected chief executive of egypt in its 3,000 year history. in a year of being in office, he said, the courts can not everrule me and no one can sue me and no one can second-guess me and what i say is the law. while he did that, he got the legislature, which was elected with him to write a new constitution without debate or input and against the rules of the present constitution and he is just putting it out there for the public to vote on. why are the judges so upset? the egyptian system of judges is similar to ours and to the british system, and judges can say to the government, that is unconstitutional. can you not do it. not in the islamic world which is what the constitution will have. their goal is an oath that is any dealt to shiria law, not rights of divided powers. >>shepard: egypt is the most powerful because of the numbers, 80 million people in egy
does that make the argument moot? >>judge napolitano: it makes the mother's case stronger because a principle having ruled on more custody cases than i would like to think, i didn't have gray hair until i got 9 custody cases, a basic principles of custody law is, you can't move the child around too much. even if the child is with the lesser in terms of benefits for the child, of the two parents, the mere removal of the child from a parent to whom the child has grown accustomed, the mere removal of the child from the home setting to which the child is accustomed, can have an adverse psychological affect on that child. stated differently, the longer the child stays with the mother in scotland even if she is not the appropriate parent, the more difficult it is in the courts to say, bring the child back to alabama. >>trace: thank you, judge, good of you. >> after more than a week and billions lost, the strike at two of america's biggest ports is now over. the deal that got workers back on the job is next. plus, fire bombs and bullets in the country that is supposed to be keeping the i
are. >> thank you very much. stuart: up next, judge napolitano. twins. i didn't see them coming. i have oblations. cute obligations, but obligatio. i need to rethink the core of my portfolio. i have oblations. cute owhat i really need is sleep. introducing the ishares core building blocks for the heart of your portfolio. find out why 9 out of 10 large professional investors choose ishares for their etfs. ishares by blackrock. call 1-800-ishares for a prospectus which includes investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. read and consider it carefully before investing. risk includes possible loss of principal. stuart: wal-mart stock is down today. interesting story here. india launching an official probe into wal-mart's lobbying activities. wal-mart pay 25 million dollars in u.s. lawmakers in exchange for getting help in india, that would be illeg-- [inaudible] -- there's an investigation on that. >>> coin star is officially rolling out a streaming movie service, could be a competitor to netflix. coin star is up. netflix stock not affected by the news which had been long expe
slip from the government to own a gun . judge napolitano got a permission to appear today. he could easily called in sick. ♪ ♪ >> brian: new york giants play the washington red skin and they ended up lose will. i don't want to talk about. giants are 7-5 and redskins 6-6. he was faulted for keeping quiet about the fast and furious. gary grinnler chief-of-staff for eric holder is stepping down, last day tomorrow. steve, something to do with nothing i talked about. >> steve: has to do with the law. they risked their lives to protect our country. >> gretchen: u.s. veterans deemed too mentally incompetent to handle the finances are entered into a national criminal background system. that prevents them from buying or owning a gun. >> steve: should the second amendment right of those veterans be taken away. we'll have to judge andrew napolitano. >> i am upset about the gines. i will do my best. >> steve: in the defense bill, there is a sticky issue of whether or not veterans should be allowed to bear gun. >> the right to bear guns it is a natural right. if you are armed you have a righ
, in case police need them when investigating a crime. that's new at 10:00. and the judge, judgg napolitano will -- [laughter] stuart: but the big story this hour is john boehner's counteroffer to the president, immediately dismissed by the way. it includes 800 billion dollars in tax revenue, not from higher tax rates. that is the sticking point. president obama wants those tax rates raised. john boehner, he wants fewer deductions, limits on deductions. that's the status quo right now of the discussion there. i want to bring you to the big board because we're going nowhere this tuesday morning on very low volume. back below 13,000. tuesday morning, here's the company: elizabeth macdonald is with us. david asman is with us. and nicole petallides right there on the floor of the new york stock exchange. china, cracking down on money transfers at wynn macau casinos. i guess that wynn stock is going to be down? nicole: you are right. we're seeing the stock down nearly 4% here. this is not good news for them overall. basically china's new leadership cracking down on fast money moving. they are go
. judge andrew napolitano has written ex extensively about various counter-terrorism issues. they say there was fierce debate about this because some were saying it's crazy. there is a law that that was passed in the early 70s after watergate saying you can't go. just at random looking for people's government files because you want to check them out. the folks on this counter-terrorism side won out. saying, look, we have got to do it. if we have reason to believe the person might be involved in something we are going to do it and that's apparently the new policy. >> our friends have done the country a great service and revealing the nature and extent of the debate. if this debate is to happen it should happen on the floor of the congress. the congress acted as you indicated after president nixon left office a federal statute to prevent the government from doing this. if the federal government says we want megyn kelly's tax returns, they have to say no. apparently president obama is going to issue an executive order and may have done so already. megyn: they say attorney general eric ho
for pay cleck. joining us is judge napolitano. pay back. we need to point out governor snyder signs it and it becomings law. >> i don't know against whom there would be pay back. this is result of a referundum and the michigan voters said we don't want collective bargaining here and it is up to the legislature. collective bargaining is not part of the constitution in the state of michigan nor is compelled union membership. right now in michigan in certain industries, you are forced to join the union f. you don't join the union, then the government forces your employer to deduct the equivalent of the union dues and give it to the union. that is money that you are entitled to going to an organization that you choose not to belong to. there is something called the first amendment, freedom of speech and association and that means not to associate . for generations, the states have trampled this right now . the right is resurgent again and as we can see from wisconsin, last year and from michigan today, the right -- >> gretchen: i believe indiana last year and now you have 24 states that
. let's bring in the panel. on the fiscal cliff. judge andrew napolitano. fox news senior judicial analyst. juan williams, columnist with tannehill. byron york from the "washington examiner." judge, what do you make of this? we had back and forth and we talk about this every day. every day there are developments. >> the president insistence on raising tax rate is reprehensible and violates economics 101. raising tax rates will not necessarily produce more revenue. the president is more interested to punish the rich and perceived reward for base. doesn't put more money in the federal treasury. the republicans give in to this in spirit of compromise, i respect alan simpson. but this is a time for the republicans to say no to spending no, borrowing. no to taxes. do you any any republicans sent to congress to facilitate the president spending to us oblivion? they no. or they will be sent home. >> president feels like he was elected on a campaign where he mentioned on the stump many times, raising tax rates. >> i understand that. >> but under our system the congress writes the law and p
for money-laundering by fox news judge andrew napolitano says the bank owes nothing. tracy: first, a look at the 10 and 30-year treasuries heading out to break. >> i am lori rothman. comments from house speaker john boehner on the ongoing fiscal cliff negotiations continuing to weigh on the market. boehner saying spending is the issue getting in the way of a deal. right now the dow is down 74 points. looks like maps on the iphone are headed in a better direction. this is the mover in google maps from the device, apple finally approve of the google its app store. the own attempt at maps was a massive disaster even lead to a rare apology from ceo tim cook. jobless claims fell for a fourth straight week. the market may be improving. marking the second lowest claims this year. you have a slow moving average. that is the latest from the fox business network giving you the power to prosper. ashley: breaking news from major league baseball. the associated press reporting texas rangers gm says josh hamilton has agreed to a contract with the l.a. angels. there you go. tracy: i'm shocked we are eve
: it is about being forced to join a union. as you can imagine, judge andrew napolitano has a ton to say about this story. he will join us pretty soon, actually. do not go anywhere. ashley: does that last policy meeting of 2012 is underway. the so-called operation twist expiring at the end of the year. jack, thank you so much for being here. it is obviously all about the fiscal cliff. operation twist expiring. the theory is they will continue operation twist in some form or fashion, but what good will that view is my question to you. >> i do not expect much out of them, at least near-term. we need to solve, certainly, the expenses and taxes and try to get our arms around that. i do think that once the major initiatives are behind us or at least it looks like they have certain agreements contained, then i think the ball can go back to the fed where they are likely to replace operation twist which is a sterilized program which means they cannot print money to do their operation. they are taking money they already have and just shifting it around. they can print new money and use that to buy secu
rise, judge andrew napolitano is here. judge, welcome back. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: now i think -- if a state becomes right to work, essentially that means that a union may not force its members to contribute dues. union membership becomes voluntary. am i right? >> well i would state it slightly differently, but we end up at the same point. in a right to work state, the state does not force people to join unions. stuart: okay. >> in a nonright to work state, it is a law that you join or contribute to the unions. so if you choose not to join, your employer is required to deduct from your salary the dues for the union and remit it to the union, whether you physically join, sign up the papers and attend union functions or not. stuart: outrageous. >> it is outrageous. that's because the unions hhve gotten into bed with thh politicians and have voted for politicians to enact legislation that forces people to violate their freedom of association rights by choosing not to associate. stuart: what about the other side of the fence, professional associations like the american medical asso
in south dakota wants to ban eating while driving. can they do that? all rise, judge andrew napolitano, may i remind he's the author of the book "theodore and woodrow". the judge is here. now, this really is a question of to what degree can authorities regulate your behavior while driving? i can understand no texting. i can understand no talking on the phone. i've got all of that. >> you know, i object to all of that. if a person can text or can talk on the phone or can drive and eat and continue to drive safely -- stuart: judge, hold on a second. i'm sorry. speaker boehner is about to respond to president obama's demand that we raise tax rates. listen in, please. >> and it's exactly how we approached our discussions in the biden group, my discussions at the white house a year and a half ago, and for that matter in the joint select committee. and if the president doesn't agree with our proposal and our outline, i think he's got an obligation to send one to the congress and a plan that can pass both chambers of congress. if you look at the plans that the white house has talked about thus far
/2%. there's the link. all rise, judge andrew napolitano. i haven't even got his name out and he is shaking his head. what's so wrong with the federal reserve saying look we need 6 1/2% unemployment and we're going to move heaven and earth to get there, what's wrong with that >> because i come from a view of the economy which says that interest rates should be the product of supply and demand. i know they are not. i know the federal reserve has the lawful authority to set them, in my view that's a violation of the constitution and a violation of our fundamental right to participate in the free market. but we have to live with it. so now you're basically asking me is this a wise economic move or a permissible constitutional move? stuart: no i'm asking you is it a wise economic move? we have carol roth reformed investment banker, i will ask the same question. >> all right. you also have an investment guru. stuart: i'm sorry, charles. is it a good economic policy >> no, it is not a good economic policy. stuart: why not? >> it is a stunt to make his decisions appear credible, likable, and sound
. connell: judge andrew napolitano. the president, president obama actually hit on this yesterday. saying the state has the right to work does not mean it takes away the rights of the union. >> right. in a right to work state, what that means is you have the right to a job in the government cannot force you to join a union or if you refuse to join, take dues and give it to the union. the government and say join the union or else. the government is saying join the union or else. that violates your freedom of association caught by forcing you to associate with a group you do not want to associate. it is theft of your property. this does not interfere with the right of unions to form, to organize, and to bargain collectively. this has to do whether or not unions could be thrust down the throats of workers. whatever the reason is, they do not have to give a reason. what about the legal a lot that is less than half the country. what about the localities of it? >> in explicitly, connell, the courts have upheld the right of state governments to have gone right to work states. certain union domin
in your living room. judge andrew napolitano has a few things to say about that. connell: the perfect guest for the subject. somehow, this is a seven figure earner. i will tell you exactly how much mr. gangnam style brought in. ♪ i always wait until the last minute. can i still ship a gift in time r christmas? yeah, sure you can. great. where's your gift? uh... whew. [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. ship fedex express by december 22nd for christmas delivery. >> i have your fox business brief. the service sector grew at a faster than expected pace in october. the institute for supply management rose 54.7. shares of energy are searching today after the company announced with its french partner oil company that they had made a significant oil discovery at the north platte offshore property in the gulf of mexico. elizabeth murdoch and one of -- died at the age of 103. she is survived by three of her four children. news corporation is the parent of the fox business network. that is the latest from the fox business network. giving you the power to prosper. ♪ [ male anno
& friends" hour two starts right now. >> this is judge napolitano wishing you a merry christmas and happy new year from "fox & friends." >> what a terrible wheel of fortune story. she should have just had her say it again. that one didn't work. try it one more time. >> you think she would still have said oh we're going swimmin''. >> pat say jack is new to this business. >> it's not him calling the shots. i love there is a judge's table at the wheel of fortune. >> thankfully we don't have one of those. >> well -- [ laughter ] [ buzzer ] >> we have a buzzer. >> big top story of the morning what has happened to john hammar he of course the retired marine who was for the past several months since august trapped really in this notorious mexican jail that was filled with drug lords, drug running cartels. his life was threatened. and, you know, he had tried -- his family had tried every single avenue to get him out. it wasn't until they got the attention of congress and frankly fox news that finally he was released. we're happy to report yesterday. >> he was released and some back story on, this
, judge andrew napolitano. he's deliberating about it. >> you know better than anybody on the planet i made up my mind. we did battle on this on a wonderful radio show called kilmeade and friends. >> brian: you get up in the morning fighting this thing. >> i do get up in the morning fighting when the government takes freedom and when it does it stealthily. the house of representatives passed this last month without any vote -- excuse me, with a vote, but without debate whatsoever. what is this? this is aven extension of the fisa law, which was amended by the patriot act, which basically says the government does not need a search warrant to listen to the phone call of any foreign person outside the united states when they're talking to somebody in the united states. so if you call a cousin in europe or a business colleague in asia, the federal government can listen to what you say. if you e-mail them, they can read the e-mail. they don't need record or suspicion. your privacy shot. >> gretchen: what about if all i say is (speaking a foreign language). >> i don't know what that means u a
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23 (some duplicates have been removed)